Monday, June 20, 2016

Mystery Quilt Fabric Options...

Have you been thinking about your fabrics for the Mystery Quilt that starts next month? I know I mentioned a few ideas in the post last week announcing the outline of how things will work. I was fairly certain I knew what I was going to do, but that evolved over the week while I was looking at my options. The easiest option would be to just grab one of my fabric bundles and use it. My favorite bundle that I picked up at market is this one called Desert Bloom. I adore the colors and the airiness of the prints. It's so pretty I almost don't want to unwrap it!

Then of course I could actually use a bundle that has been broken into already. These fabrics are from the Bread and Butter collection by American Jane. They are fun and definitely provide enough variety of light and dark choices. But I still can't bring myself to make a quilt from one fabric line. It just feels like cheating to me. Do you think it's cheating?

Then of course I could go with black and whites and use a bright green for the accent color. I know this would really be vibrant and look amazing. I've just finished a black and white quilt recently though so maybe not just yet.

Or how about all polka dots with a rich red background. Using a collection of fabrics with a solid background would be awesome! I'm really tempted. Really, really tempted. But then again...

Maybe I should use up this gorgeous batik I found on sale earlier this year. I could use it for the main fabric and the borders. The teal would be perfect for the accent and the cream for a background. If you are thinking of using three fabrics, this would totally be the way to go! Using the same fabric for the big pieces and the border would work really well. Again, I know I would love this, but I'm feeling the need to go scrappy. (I say that all the time don't I?)

And then I uncovered this in the yardage bin. I buy yardage of fabrics that are on super sale and that I happen to love. This fabric had an amazing color combination and I thought it could be the perfect backing for a future project. It turns out, that it might be the perfect border as well! 

So I got to thinking, what if I use all creams and beige for the background fabrics? I have tons of scraps of these but this little bundle would ensure that I don't run out!

 And I would have to go with the dark aqua prints for my main fabrics. How perfect do these pick up the colors of those flower petals? I think I'm starting to feel it...

And now if I add some red scraps to use as some of the accent fabrics, what do you think? They do go really well with the red background in the floral, don't they?

So that just leaves the browns in the print to pick up. Oh these brown scraps might add nicely to the accent fabrics. So I could use reds and browns for the accents. And maybe throw in some more of the dark aquas as well. I am really starting to feel it now.

I think I've selected my fabrics for the Mystery Quilt...

Main Fabrics will be the dark aquas.
Accent Fabrics will be red and brown and aqua scraps.
Background fabrics will be creams and beige prints.
Border will be the red floral print if I have a border, if not, it will be a great backing!

So who's taking bets on me changing my mind again before we begin? I do really like this collection and it will work great, but so would any of the other options above. I hope this helps you make your fabric selections.

Now go fondle some more fabric choices, time's a ticking and July 1st will be here before we all know it!



  1. I don't think of using a fabric line bundle as cheating, but I do think it's like making someone else's quilt. It just seems more interesting to have surprises and some unpredictable accents in a quilt. I guess that's why I love scrap quilts.
    P.S. I really like your book, so glad I purchased it.

  2. OMG ! All these fabrics...I love them all, especially the polka dots !

  3. You've come up with some exciting combos. And I do especially like the one you've "settled" on. I don't think it's cheating to use a bundle, but I rarely do. There's always I few pieces that I don't care for and it's more interesting to add some others that don't blend so perfectly or to use the same print over again just in a different color way.

  4. I've drooled all over my computer at all that CUTE fabric.

  5. all are wonderful combinations....and reading through your variety helps me know what to pick out. though....I have a basket of bright, fun scraps of all sizes that I'd like to I['m thinking in that case I just need to pick a background and accent fabric?? Most likely, black for the background but the accent I don't know?? You have us thinking Diane!

  6. oh dessert bloom, can't wait to have this line by my side!!!! can you tell me how many yards we need for the background?

  7. Can't wait to see this one. Where did you get the polka dot bundle? That is so yummy!!

  8. I LOVE your book and decided to google you to see if you had a blog. That's how I stumbled upon this blog. Making a quilt from one fabric line or following most recipes to a tee feels like cheating to me as well...I LOVE your fabric discussion and thoughts. What a GREAT way to get us to thinking about our projects. I'm a little worried about getting a Mystery Quilt started when we're going to be for half of the month of July on a big family trip this summer...mine may not get done until August sometime.

  9. I love the yardage you found for your mystery quilt. The red with the multi colored flowers. Any clues as to the fabric line / maker?


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