Thursday, May 24, 2012

Comfort and Joy Part 2!

Wow, it's already time to share part two of this fun quilt...

I really enjoyed making this block, but I will be adding the stitching for the face and arms later.
I'm still not sure if I am going to use ribbon or just perle cotton for the arms. I'm open to suggestions!

And here is the little extra block I made for my additional section. Remember, I am making this quilt large enough for my guest bed. I am adding a row of 12 inch blocks and an extra border.

Now I have to go take a peek at all the other's over here...

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A special thank you to Anne for getting us all organized!


  1. Your snowman section is adorable. I think I would choose perle cotton to do the arms. I used wool for mine and that is good if you have some.

  2. Thanks, I'm leaning towards perle cotton, because I will want this quilt to be machine washable as it will be used on a bed for the holidays. My other thought was machine sewing some tiny ric rack or twill type ribbon. I'm sure I'll buy 5 things before I make a final decision! LOL

  3. Looking good there! I think my preference would be perle cotton. Thanks for joining us!


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