Saturday, May 26, 2012

Crimson Tweed is Quilted!

I know this is a lousy iPhone photo taken at night from a chair, but...

I was too stinking excited to wait until tomorrow to photograph it.

I didn't have a quilting plan for it, actually, my plan was to decide block by block.

I gave the tree some bubbles in the background.

The flowers got some tiny stippling.

The checkerboard got some crosshatching.

These flowers got some outlining.

The pineapple got some eyelashes which you can't really see in this photo (and dang if it doesn't look like it's tilting even AFTER I fixed it!)

The birds and the vines got some simple outlining and I pretty much stippled anything that was left.

It was so fun, that I didn't want to finish it.

I also added a little red flange with the binding. I'll take a better picture of it tomorrow, along with a better overall picture to share.

Now I only have two other samplers to work on, Comfort & Joy and the Farmer's Pilot's Wife.

But those will have to wait for another day.

Right now I'm basking in the satisfaction of a finished quilt.



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