Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Have you ever noticed?

That once you start something, it can get a little out of control?
I made a Tiny Twister quilt, and it was so fun that I made the big version.
Then yesterday, I bought the ruler for the 5" size.
It's getting to be a trend.
But it's really fun.
Photos of the finished quilts will be coming soon (I hope!)

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  1. Hi Diane, You are a "no reply" for email, so I couldn't email you back. We are so excited that you are going to join us doing Comfort and Joy. Do you want me to link to you when we all post our progress so that you can post your pictures? I think we decided that Block 2 will get posted toward the end of the month. All of us will be at Quilt Market until the 21st and I don't think Sharon has even finished hers. Let me know your thoughts!
    Hugs, Anne


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