Wednesday, May 16, 2012

How did I get here?

This is so true for me.

This saying is just SO TRUE for me.
I am not really sure how I ended up at this place in my life,
as a wife, mom, friend, and quilter... on this creative journey.

I look at the face of my sweet 14 year old girl and remember that time like it was moments ago.
She is as carefree and uncommitted as I was then. Happy and healthy exactly as she should be.
My wish for her is that she experience all the joys in life that I have and all the adventures.

I think having an open heart and a willingness to seek out new adventures is what molds us.
My journey to this place has been such a crooked path, with so many side trips.
I am grateful for each and every day of all of those experiences.

While I have graduated from college, worked a weekly grind, traveled the world as a flight attendant,
taught sweet little children, raised and loved my own babies, and learned to be the wife of a travelling husband, my need to design and create has found it's way into each of these roles.

I am embarking on a new phase of this creative journey and is feels so GOOD and so TERRIFYING
at the same time. I am so mindful of the support and encouragment that surrounds me.

Looking at the place I am currently in, it is clear to me that this journey has just begun.
I am so thankful for the friends, lessons, gifts and skills I have collected so far along the way.
The anticipation of what is yet to come THRILLS me!

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