Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Joining the Party!

I've decided to join the fun over at this blog because they are making the Comfort and Joy quilt by Silver Thimble Quilt Co. and I just happened to buy that pattern from Pat Wys recently while she was visiting our guild.
As you can see (if you lean to the right...why does blogger flip some photos!?!) that I am going to add a row of blocks to make mine big enough for the guest bed. Family usually gathers here for the holidays and I wanted a quilt for the season for them to sleep under. I was also told by someone that I should leave extra space on the label so that all those folks who sleep under it, can sign it. How fun is that?

I have even collected the fabrics I want to use, and I sifted through my scrap bin as well as my fat quarters and came up with some choices.

So I decided to get started with some of the simple "filler blocks" and I must say that I'm already hooked! This is going to be SO FUN!
That photo is flipped the other way! Seriously crazy photo elves must be having some fun juggling inside my laptop...what else could it be?

If you would like to look at my completed quilts (all facing the right direction!) you can take a look at the photo albums over on my other blog.

I'm off to make some more Comfort & Joy!

Edited to add: Pat Wys and her family have suffered such a tremendous loss yesterday, my heartfelt sympathies to all of them as they struggle through this sad time. Love you Pat!

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