Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Book Review

When I find a fabulous book, I really feel the need to share it! Recently I bought Reasons For Quilts by Laundry Basket Quilts from my local quilt shop. I am enjoying while I wait for the next release from her. I may have collected all of her books (I am good at collecting quilt books after all!) This is such a delightful and DIFFERENT kind of quilt book. It has some of the quilts she made...

And some antique quilts she's aquired...

Some that were given as gifts...

And some that have been sold as her patterns...

I actually made that one and have it hanging in my family room right now! See...

And she has some medallion quilts that have me thinking about future projects...

But the best part of this book is that it has all the STORIES that go with the quilts. I mean who can resist a good story about a quilt!? Not me. I love how quilting has been a tradition in her family, and how she has made connections with friends and family through quilting. There are some good surprises as well, and no I'm not going to spoil them for you!

There is a CD included in the back of the book with patterns for a dozen or so of the quilts. I might actually make one or two, but I think the best value in this book for me, is the inspiration! Seeing the quilts from years ago and the quilts recently made, and how they have brought people together and touched lives. That is the coolest thing about this book, I think. That's also the coolest thing about quilting.

PS. I am not getting any incentive for this review, this is just my personal opinion!


  1. I agree one of the best books ever.
    Her newest book is amazing too

    1. I'm on the waiting list for the new book as soon as it arrives at the local shop!

  2. Diane, I agree, Editya's books and work is great, and I love how she combines fabrics and makes each quilt unique and lovely. Collecting her books is a no brainier , IHO!

    1. Have you seen her new fabric line!?! It is so stunning, I had to buy a few yards yesterday.


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