Monday, June 4, 2012

Good News, Bad News...

I started machine quilting this...

The gridwork comes first, and allows me to take out some pins, so it's not quite so heavy!

Things were humming right along when my needle broke. That's never happened to me since I've been sewing on my new machine (a got a Janome Horizon for Christmas because Santa really loves me!) I replaced the needle but the machine wouldn't let me start sewing again, it said "safety alert" and I must say I was kind of impressed! So I removed the quilt and immediately saw that a tiny piece of the throat plate (the automatic plate converter, or part of it at least) had come away from the machine. Upon further inspection I could see that the spring holding it was halfway detached. So I immediately called the shop where Santa got my machine and they can take it on Friday.'s only Monday, how am I supposed to survive a whole week!?!? Clearly they have no idea how much time my machine and I spend together. So I packed the Horizon up with all her parts and got out my super cute Jem that goes to workshops with me. Same bobbins fit as the Horizon so I was back in business in no time!

You can see that my helper is right next to me giving me moral support and the occasional lick on the ankle in exchange for a tummy rub. But supervising a quilter at work is exhausting...

So he takes regular naps during the process. Granted, quilting on a Jem is not at all like quilting on the Horizon, but it will do because it will have to!

Hope your day is filled with more good news than bad!

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