Saturday, June 9, 2012

A New Magazine!

For me at least!

I found out about Primitive Quilts when it was recommended HERE by Lori. She has a great discussion about quilting magazines and the trends they are currently going through. I couldn't agree more with her opinions, so when she talked about Primitive Quilts, I got very curious.

As a result, I picked this issue up at Joanne's the other day and I must say... I LOVE IT! I filled out the subscription card before I finished reading the magazine. It is such a lovely design and the content is exactly my style, even though I don't consider myself  "primitive" in my quilting style per se. It is full of inviting photos and interesting projects that I would like to actually make. The graphics are really clever and promote the quilt elements in such a lovely way.

Most of my quilting magazines have about a six month life-span around here. After that, I tear out the projects or info that I want to keep (if any) and then pass the magazine along to someone else (usually on the take-this-stuff-its-free table at guild.) But this magazine might not be so easy to part with...I can see it keeping Quiltmania and Quilt Sampler editions company on the shelf in my sewing room.

Thanks for the great recommendation Lori! (and the bottom photo in the collage above is a quilt made by her in the issue shown!)


  1. I just subscribed to Primitive Quilts and Projects too and can't wait to get my first issue! Thanks so much for talking about keeping your old magazines for only about six months - I think I'm going to follow your lead as I've got a couple of years' worth of McCalls and AP&Q and others. I'm not sure why I'm keeping all of them since they take up so much space. It makes much more sense to pull out the patterns I'm interested in and toss the bulk of the magazine. In fact, my quilting tastes have changed so much over the years that I'm guessing that the patterns I dogged-eared may no longer be that out my old magazine will be a good project.

    1. Yeah! Love it that you are inspired to go through your old magazines and take only the patterns that still interest you. I just 3 hole punch them and put them in a binder. I have tabs in the binder for categories. Occasionally, I sift through the binder and toss old patterns that no longer interest me. If your guild doesn't already do this, you should start a tradition of bringing the magazines and giving them away to other quilters. They can do the same and you'll find it can be very interesting and fun to see what you might have missed along the way!

  2. Every issue is just as good as the last. You should pick up the past issues if you ever see them. Great magazine. Definitely my favorite one out there!

    1. I'm so glad to have finally found it! It is not carried at my local bookstore (where I get Quiltmania) but now that I found a copy and subscribed, it's going to mean happy mail for me! Maybe if I check their website they will have past copies for sale. Thanks for the suggestion!


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