Monday, June 25, 2012

So how did I do?

My list of quilting goals to accomplish this week was pretty challenging. I did make some good progress on it though. So the results are...

1. Finally finish quilting my selvage quilt now that my machine in back from the shop. (working but not totally fixed...still waiting on a part)  I did finish the quilt and actually quilted another quilt that was basted and waiting. Woohoo!

2. Make a tote bag for summer, using the fun shrink-when-you-iron-it-stuff I bought Friday. I did not get this finished. I spent half the week looking for the fabric I bought (good grief) and finally found it. I am now debating exactly how I want to proceed with this. I gave it lots of thought, but that's as far as I got.

3. Finish another block in my Comfort and Joy quilt a long. I actually finished not one but two blocks for this fun quilt a long. I can't show them yet, but I feel so happy to see this project coming along so nicely.

4. Finish piecing the charity quilt top that is currently just a stack of fabric. I did get the blocks put together and arranged on the design wall. Now I just need to sew the rows together and quilt it!

5. Write 3 new patterns this week (the math is done, just need to photograph and write the files.) I knew this was the least likely to get done, just because there are so many steps involved. I did make progress, and have done about half of two of the patterns. So that is a good start! I will be able to finish these this week.

And I do have some pretty good excuses for not finishing all of the tasks...I am taking time to really enjoy my kids this summer. I miss them so much now that they are back in school (I homeschooled them for 4 years and really loved it!) So this week we went boating, watched a movie, had some sleepovers and some fun outings. Not to mention the routine stuff that needs to happen on a regular basis.

So while I only completed two of the five, I did make progress on all of them, and doubled my goal on two of them. My goals for this week...finish what I started and surely I'll be at 100% by next Monday!


  1. Love the pic of your selvage quilt in the header! Beautiful!

    1. Thank you! I don't know if I'm more proud of the quilt, or the fact that I learned how to change my own blog header and edit my photos with words? I am pretty sure making the quilt was easier...haha.


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