Monday, June 18, 2012

Taking the Challenge

A really special quilter with a huge heart and apparently a lot of energy puts out a challenge every Monday. I love to take a peek at her blog HERE and see what she is going to attempt for the week. I am always impressed at how much she actually accomplishes (so much so that I find it a teensy bit intimidating!)

But I've finally decided to screw up my courage and jump in (she invites anyone that wants to participate to link to her blog) so here goes my list for this week...

1. Finally finish quilting my selvage quilt now that my machine in back from the shop. (working but not totally fixed...still waiting on a part)

2. Make a tote bag for summer, using the fun shrink-when-you-iron-it-stuff I bought Friday.

3. Finish another block in my Comfort and Joy quilt a long.

4. Finish piecing the charity quilt top that is currently just a stack of fabric. (no photo yet)

5. Write 3 new patterns this week (the math is done, just need to photograph and write the files.)

To be perfectly honest, I don't think there is much chance all this will happen seeing as it is already Tuesday. But what the heck, I might even surprise myself. What are your goals this week?


  1. ha! i just try to make a list of what needs done and then cross things off as i get to them. forget about the week part!!

    1. I live by my DAILY list! Sadly, many items get rolled over to the next day when they aren't accomplished. I thougt that looking toward the whole week, I might get some bigger things done. So far it's not looking promising.

  2. It always helps to have goals - even if you don't reach them! I love your selvage quilt, and your Jacob's Ladder is amazing!! Maybe I should make Monday a linky party - I hadn't thought about it before....... I use a daily list too, but it also has house things and daily life stuff - not just quilting and crafting stuff. But I try to do some quilting every day, sometimes very early in the morning before my "real" day starts!

    1. Thank you! I put everything on lists...I've even been known to put something on a list that I just finished so I can mark it off and feel the sense of accomplishment! I probably shouldn't admit that. :)


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