Friday, July 6, 2012

Book Review

(photo stolen borrowed from Holly's facebook page)

Full disclosure here...this will be a very biased book review for several reasons:
1. The author is a friend of mine.
2. Some of the blocks in the book were made by ME.
3. Some of the blocks in the book were made by my sweet friends.

Other than that, let me just say it is a really cool book. My friend Holly Anderson passed around a sheet of paper at guild one day a year or so ago. The paper had a list of countries on it and we could sign up for one or more. (Naturally I signed up for more than one, because I love to over-commit!) Some of my friends signed up and we went home and happily made our blocks and gave them to Holly. Here's where you are thinking, didn't she even ask what they were for? Well, not really, no I didn't. I knew it was some vague project that had to do with some council or something.

So imagine my surprise when I found out a book was in the works and I was being published in it!!! Oh my goodness. What a fun surprise. I am happy to say that the blocks for Argentina and Barbados were made by yours truly. Both countries are near and dear to my heart as I have made some very special memories in both places. It's fun to see those memories translated into a quilt block, then incorporated into a collection of other quilt blocks. It's a wonderful interpretation of quilter's connections to places and how those connections are reflected in fabric.

So would I recommend this book? Of course! It's not a collection of quilts, just quilt blocks, but they are very interesting and unique. If you see this book, take a peek, it's worth a look.


  1. Sounds fun! The cover alone looks great!

    1. The cover quilt is amazing. Each hot air balloon was made by a different person, then added to the quilt. It's actually quite an honor to have my humble work in the same book as some super talented quilters. If I had known ahead of time, I might not have had the courage to participate.

  2. Missed you at the Block Signing Party!

    1. Party? What party? I love a party! Bummer, that must have been fun!


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