Friday, July 27, 2012


I saw a request on Facebook two days ago from the folks at Kansas City Star publishing. They listed some blocks and wanted to know if anyone had quilts made from those blocks. They are putting together a book and need some samples. Well, I didn't have any quilts made in any of the blocks. But that didn't slow me down for a minute!

The last block in the request was one called World's Fair. It's similar to an idea I've had that won't seem to go away. I knew immediately that I needed to make a quilt from that block. Not because of the main part of the block, but because of the pinwheel created where the blocks intersect.

So I walked straight from the computer to my sewing room and got started. The top was completed by midnight. I got up early yesterday and started quilting it. Before you get really impressed, it is only 22" by 24".  And I named it Salsa because these are the colors I see when making Salsa. Chopping tomatoes, peppers, onions, and adding some just reminded me of that for some reason!

But do you know what my favorite part is? Look at the pinwheels near the edge. I made 3D two tone prairie points to finish out the pinwheels. How stinking fun is that? Please don't tell me if you've seen this done a million times, I am certain I invented this amazing concept all by myself, and I would like to spend a few days revelling in the glory of my creativity before having my bubble burst!

Thanks for indulging me.


  1. wow! i don't care how big the quilt is, that's dedication! love your pinwheels and your really 'hot' quilt!

    1. Thanks, it was one of those things that I knew immediately what I wanted to do! I get that sometimes, not often, but when I do, I'm on a mission! It was fun, too. Keep your fingers crossed that it gets chosen for the book...then I'll be FAMOUS, hahaha.


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