Saturday, July 21, 2012

Sweet Home Quilt Co. in Conyers GA

Just when I thought things couldn't get any more exciting, I found out I was WRONG.

My quilting buddies and I had a wonderful road trip yesterday with all the good things you might expect: great conversations, making big plans, laughing, eating, sharing our purchases in the car on the way home. It was wonderful.

But my day also included a very nice surprise! While we were at Sweet Home Quilt Co. enjoying all the lovely fabrics, cute kits, gorgeous books, (let's not forget the sale bins in the back room) and beautiful samples, I had the pleasure of talking with Melissa, the owner. I told her all about how the tiny twister pattern that I bought from her got me hooked on itty bitty pieces and little templates, and how that led me to other ideas about templates and little patterns. The conversation ended with me showing her my Tiny Tumbler Patterns with Templates and the quilts I made with them, and guess what?

That's right, you can now purchase my pattern w/ template set at Sweet Home Quilt Co. They are getting ready to host their Christmas in July weekend next weekend, so you will want to race right over there and see the quilts in person. Really, you won't want to miss this, besides, she has a ton of other amazing stuff for you to look at while you are there. So put it on your calendar now, call your friends, make your plans and have a blast! 

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  1. Oh, how awesome! Good for you! What a great end to a lovely day out...


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