Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Temecula Quilt Co.

is hosting a fun little Summer Star Sew Along. Every Friday they post a new block. So far we have been given four blocks. They are tiny, as in 4" finished. The star points stay the same every week, we just get a new inside section of the star each week. That means the section that changes is only 2" finished! It's fun to work in such a tiny space, and I certainly haven't had to reach any farther than my scrap bin for fabric, but I have trouble with accuracy in such a small space. I feel like I do a good job lining up corners and points in general, but with such small pieces, my machine seems to want to drift to the side while going over intersections, and then it tries to eat up the fabric in the beginning or end. I don't have these issues with larger pieces. I'm sure it's not the machine so much as it is "user error" but I really wish I was getting better results. I'm even considering *gasp* hand piecing the next unit.  I know, it's drastic, but I want these little cuties to be more accurate!

Any suggestions would be great appreciated!


  1. I think they look sweet, but I end up with the same kind of problems with really small blocks. I figured it was just me.:)

  2. It's reassuring that I'm not alone, but it is frustrating! Especially when the flaws seem magnified in the photo! So frustrating!!

  3. I understand exactly what you mean. Those little pieces are a little tricky. Let me know how the hand-piecing goes, although if I tried that, I might never get them finished!


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