Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Dear Jane,

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A few years ago a dozen friends decided to make a Dear Jane quilt.

We got together and each ordered a bolt of the same background fabric.

Then we made a complicated graph to chart who would do which block.

Then we all claimed a block and made one for ourselves and eleven more to trade.

This continued for about 3 months.

Then we split into two groups, those of us who wanted to finish this quilt, and those who knew they never would.

We continued to make and swap blocks with five or six of us.

Then we started getting lots of IOU's for blocks from a couple of the girls.

So you know what we did next...

yep we kicked them out!

Honestly, they were relieved. We're still friends so it's all good.

Hey, Dear Jane is NOT FOR WIMPS.

So it was now just the final four.

Each month we met to decide who would do which blocks.

We brought fabric samples and discussed choices.

We ate lunch of course!

We continued this monthly meeting, talking, eating and exchanging for YEARS.

Oh the fun we had, the frustration we shared, and the friendship we built.

So when it was all said and done, my quilt was named DEAR FRIENDS.

Because really, only a dear, dear friend would walk the entire dear jane journey with you.

I'm so lucky to have had these ladies in my life, and now in my quilt.

Two of the quilts are finished, and two are still being hand quilted, but the end is in sight!

Oh, I can't wait to share the others with you!

Mine was honored with "guild's choice" at our local show a couple of years ago.

I'm pretty sure I got the ribbon because the quilter's were impressed with the fortitude it took just to finish it.

Are you on a Dear Jane journey?

If so, I would love to hear about it or see your version.

Leave a comment or a link to your blog or photo.

I wonder what Jane would think about what her quilt has done to the quilting world?


  1. It is such a fabulous quilt. Love the story of you and the 'final four'. It does look like something that takes great determination to finish up and you had help from great friends!

  2. I'll be honest...I NEVER would have finished it if I hadn't had such good friends helping me! So glad we decided to stick it out to the very end.

  3. Love your Dear Friends story...you have inspired me to challenge my bee group in Florida to do something like this! Thanks!!!


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