Friday, August 24, 2012

Hello Friday

How did Friday get here so fast this week? Really, wasn't it Monday morning ten minutes ago? Wow.

Today I am looking forward to the Temecula Quilt Co. Summer Star Sew Along block to be released so I can make it. I've been having so much fun with it so far. Look how cute these are...

I'm also in the process of writing some patterns and getting things ready for the Chattahoochee Evening Stars Quilt Show in September. I am going to be a vendor for the very first time and I really have no idea what to expect. So as usual, I will probably WAY over-prepare and go completely nuts for no reason at all.

Then of course, there is the small matter of how my house is in a state of complete disarray! My girl is home sick for the second day in a row and the dogs are keeping vigil in her bed with her. They take turns snuggling so she won't get lonely. It's very sweet but all I can think about is changing that bedding!

How's that for random!?! Oh, and the photo at the top is just an old quilt I spotted in NC that I thought was sweet. It has nothing to do with this post what-so-ever. Have a great weekend!

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