Monday, August 20, 2012

Monday, Monday

So much to share!!!

First, I finished the 7th block in the Summer Star Sew Along hosted by Temecula Quilt Co. and I think it's one of my favorites so far...or do I say that every time? haha

And then there was the super fun field trip on Friday to two adorable shops south of Atlanta.

First stop was  Scarlet Thread and it's been recently featured in the Quilt Sampler Magazine so you might be familiar with it. It's supposed to be Georgia's largest quilt shop, but it's quality is just as awesome as it's size. The store is so wonderfully organized and samples displayed that it can almost be overwhelming. I just wanted to make one of everything!

See how happy Kathy and Darlene are just to be in the midst of all that goodness?

How is a person supposed to choose from all this goodness?

Somehow we managed. We each left with a bag full of fabric, patterns, and treasures!

Mary Ruth got so excited that she had to take a break! In all fairness, I was doing an iPhone demo for Patsy and I was just showing her how the camera worked...Mary Ruth was just being a good sport!

After a yummy lunch at cute shop on the square, we went to Quilts N' Fixins where I took no photos at all! It was either because I was too busy buying fabric, or talking with friends, or maybe just the lack of caffiene was finally hitting me. Anyway, it's a great little shop with an awesome collection of chicken fabrics. My favorites were the plucked chickens running wild, but instead I bought the "chicken tracks" as I thought it might be more flexible. They had plenty of other fabric completely not related to chickens as well. I bought a cut of some "Dear Jane" fabric that was on the sale shelf for almost nothing! Love that!

Then of course, this weekend my sweet girl turned 15! Ack, how did that happen? But it involved lots of time at the barn, with friends, shopping, and eating cake. Actually, that's pretty much how I  would like to spend my birthday! haha Although I would trade the horse for fabric but don't tell my girl I said that!!

So today I have to "catch up" on chores, tasks and all sorts of stuff. Glad it's Monday...I better get busy!
Have a fantastic day!


  1. Ah..., you made me miss my daughters. They've only been gone for a week, but it seems longer. So jealous of your quilt shopping!

    1. I will never be ready for this girl to leave home. She's such a joy! The shopping trip was really fun, those two shops are over an hour away unfortunately...or I would visit them more often for sure!


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