Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Posie Pin Cushion

I've been thinking about making a pincushion for a while and then when I was working on my hexies, I had a thought...wouldn't these be cute in wool? I know brilliance at it's best! hahaha

So I made up this one first as a "test" and have a couple more color ways chosen. I might have to make some more, as it was fun and easy and I am rather pleased with the results.

However, I may need to tidy up my sewing room before I do anything else!

*And on a much sadder note, I need to start thinking of a comfort quilt to make. A sweet neighbor, good friend, carpool partner and generally really cool lady was diagnosed with cancer yesterday. She went to the doctor for a sore throat and ended up in the hospital with leukemia. Really. Just like that. Sigh. Prayers and positive thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Her name is Kelly, just like my girl Kelly, even spelled the same way. Thanks.


  1. Love your pincushion--so sweet. Sorry about your neighbor. It's hard when it's someone you know.

  2. Best wishes for your neighbour. I would love to see a cure for all forms of cancer in our lifetime....


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