Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A finish, a flimsy, and back on the farm...

It's little quilt that is the result of the Summer Star Sew Along with Temecula Quilt Co. Have they ever done anything that is not wonderful? I just love their website, their blog, their projects and one day I will visit the store, I will! One day. But for now I'll be happy with my tiny little stars. If you would like to see how their quilt turned out, click HERE.

Also, I finished the piecing on what is currently being called "4 patch plaid."  My friend Mary Ruth lovingly refers to it as "screaming orange" but that's a bit agressive, don't you think? (Love you Mary Ruth!)

Anyhow, I do like it and it feels very autumn-ish to me. I had to photograph it today during the 3.5 minutes that it wasn't raining. So these snaps are quick but you get the idea.

And I laid out my Farmer's Wife turned Pilot's Wife blocks to see how I wanted to set them. I've either lost a block or counted wrong so I made up a quick little star for the last block. Cute huh? Stars and dots, two of my favorite things!

I'm going to use these two fabrics to set them in rows, on point. The stars are on a tan background, the color is very washed out in this photo from the flash. These will be half square triangles between the blocks. Unless I change my mind again, but so far, I think this version is going to stick.

But then again...


  1. Wow, your finished Summer Star quilt looks great!

  2. Love your 4-Patch Plaid. I want to try it with black or charcoal gray sashing, as I hate orange. Screaming Orange kind of fits it, but not quite loud enough really for that. And that pink, I would add brown or black or gray to it, maybe even navy blue. What do you think?


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