Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Another Sew Along!

Because you can never participate in too many, I've joined another Sew Along!

This one is over at Bloomin Workshop and you really should click over there, she has some crazy amazing talent! I've wanted to make a couple of her past Sew Along Quilts like this one and this one, but was too late to join the party at the time. So now that I have my chance at this one, I am NOT going to miss it!!!

This quilt along is based on a quilt found in a book by Gwen Marston, who makes magic with fabric as far as I'm concerned! She's never made anything short of awesome, in my opinion. This is her latest book...

I followed the cutting directions provided, but here are a couple of "process" photos.

First, I made a cup of coffee, printed the directions, and selected my fabrics.

Then I cut my pieces, and laid them out in the correct placement like she suggested.

I chain stitched all four baskets, starting with the bottoms first.

The only seam that really needed pinning was the bottom corner of the basket where it meets the "stand" portions of the basket.

I chose ric rac for my handles. I cut the pieces 11 inches each.

I pinned the handles in place, then machine appliqued them using a zig zag stitch and invisible thread.

After the last handles were sewn in place and the ends trimmed, I sewed the handle section to the basket section.

And I ended up with four cute baskets in about an hour. Not bad for a quiet morning of sewing.
These blocks are 8" finished, (8.5 now) Now click on over to the Sew Along and click the link to the flickr group. I am sure there are going to be some really fun baskets to look at before long! Thanks so much Anita for such a fun Sew Along!!!

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