Thursday, September 27, 2012

Quilt Show Star!

While there were many amazing quilts at the show, there was one in particular that got lots of attention.

It was a group quilt. Each member of the group made a room, and then Ben Hollingsworth assembled them and quilted the quilt. It is really special.

Because the photo is so's what it says: Group Quilt, Ben Hollingsworth, The Wannabees. This quilt is a collaborative effort by the Wannabees, a CES bee. These seven quilters each chose a room in a 1930's era house, and made it a home, with machine and hand applique, thread art, beading and other embellishment. Each artisit hand or machine quilted his/her own block before the quilt was joined and bound. This quilt will be donated to theSotrybook Quilts Project after the show.

The 3D embellishments are wonderful. The stacks of fabric really sit on a shelf and the wall art really hangs off the quilt. The curtains and towels are all 3D as well. The details are endless!
What a wonderful and fun quilt!


  1. How sweet Looks like they enjoyed their challenge--so many details!

  2. Thanks for your comments Diane. We loved doing the quilt and were thrilled by the recognition of our peers.

    1. Hi Ben, I am so sorry that the photos are not better, as they just don't do the quilt justice. I could have spent hours looking at all the details, if only I had the time! It was obvious that all of you really enjoyed the process, and that makes it even more special. Congratulations on all those ribbons!

  3. How adorable. It reminds me of a doll house! What a unique idea.


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