Monday, September 24, 2012

That was fun!!!

What a weekend! We had so much fun with the Chattahoochee Evening Stars Quilt Guild at their show this weekend! What a fun group of quilters. I enjoyed seeing so many old friends and meeting so many new ones. But the best part for me, was watching how the guild members encouraged and supported one another. During the ribbon presentation there were tears of joy, hugs, smiles, kind words and just a general feeling of complete appreciation for one another. They had all worked so hard together to put on such a lovely show, and it was such a success. I am truly grateful for my time with them!

So many folks stopped by to see my booth, and that was really fun for me. I was often asked about how much work I had done and wasn't it exhausting? Seriously? I got to hang out with quilters all weekend and talk to people who totally understand the "fabric addiction" issues we all share. On top of that, people gave me money for the patterns I designed!!! Patterns I enjoyed writing, quilts I loved making, telling stories I cherish, and being with people who share my enthusiasm and passion. Yes, there was some serious physical labor involved in transporting quilts and supplies, setting it all up, taking it all down, and being on my feet (one broken!) for three days. But it was SO.WORTH.IT. Besides I had lots of help from my sweet husband and two teenage boys!

And since you really want to see photos of quilts instead of reading my ramblings, here are a few from the show. These quilts were all from the collection of one amazing lady LILLIAN COLE. She is the sweetest, kindest, and most talented quilter you will ever meet. I had the pleasure of visiting with her for quite a while on Friday night (she was a guest judge) and the guild showcased a collection of her work. Some of the quilts were from her family, some that she inherited, or some she finished, and some are her original designs. So here's a peek at a few of them...

Those four patches are TINY!

From a bear paw block exchange!

I really wanted to take this one home.


Not to worry, there will be more photos tomorrow!

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  1. Sounds like your time was well spent! I love the first quilt with all the tiny 4-patches! Would love to have seen that quilt in person.


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