Tuesday, October 16, 2012

10 Minute Tip

Have you cleaned your machine yet from last week's tip? I don't know why I'm asking... OF.COURSE.YOU.DID! Now you are just waiting for the next amazing time-saving tidbit aren't you? Well, even if you're not, here it is...

* WIND SOME BOBBINS* That is only if your name is not Meg (because we all know after the last retreat that Meg has enough bobbins to last years...Love you Meg!) Otherwise, think about it. If you only have a few minutes, go on and get ahead of the game by winding some bobbins. I like to use up spools that are almost finished, or leftover spools from recent projects. I can then use the bobbins while I'm piecing. If you were to look at the back of my quilt tops, you would see a rainbow of threads. The top I shared yesterday? It has blue, brown, black, tan, variegated pink, etc. You get the idea. When you are piecing, the thread is NOT going to show, so you might as well use up what you have on hand. With the obvious exception being very light fabrics...then keep the threads light as well so the dark threads don't shadow through when you are done.

Who really wants to stop in the middle of a project or sewing session to wind bobbins? Exactly! So next time you only have a few minutes, wind some bobbins. You'll be glad you did!

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