Saturday, October 6, 2012


I know, I know, I know...

It's not even Halloween, or the Holidays for that matter and I want to start thinking about 2013. Before you roll your eyes and say a few words that may or may not be appropriate...hear me out.

I'm talking about FUN stuff for 2013. Seriously, I learned a long time ago that scheduling and planning for fun is really important...just like brushing your teeth or getting enough sleep, it helps make you a well balanced person. And in my case, it keeps me from getting grumpy.

Sidenote: I've been a little grumpy lately because of my broken foot and was starting to feel sorry for myself, then I spent the entire day laughing, talking and sewing...and my whole perspective changed! So having fun isn't just nice, it's necessary, to be the kind of person I want to be for my family and friends.

Back to the list for 2013, it's really more of a challenge actually. I was thinking it would be fun to try a few new things in 2013, and if I put it out there in writing, then I can't chicken out and change my mind. That's right, you all can keep me accountable. So here's what I have been thinking about trying in the new year:

* A FREE PATTERN PER MONTH. Posting a pattern and instructions with EQ7 diagrams once a month on this blog. Some months I might actually get the quilt made, some months I might just get the directions written. It would be fun for two reasons, we would all get a free pattern, and I would learn more about my EQ7 and how it works. The patterns would not all be large, some might be pieced, some with applique, and some small ones. You know, kind of mix it up, whatever is inspiring me at the moment. Does that sound fun? Would any of you be interested in trying that?

* Adding links at the top of the blog for "pages" to keep all the patterns just one click away. Learning how to do that for me might not be so fun, but enjoying the results will be!

* Also adding a link for tutorials. I have several in mind, and think they would be fun to have easy access to any time you are looking for a step by step explanation of some things. The ideas I have so far... binding tips (corners and start/stops), machine quilting tips(start/stops, thread, knotting off, free motion), machine applique, how to sew with selvage pieces, and 10minute tips (things you can do in only 10 minutes to finish more projects.) Do any of those sound fun?

* FTIP (field trips in photos) I've done a bit of this but I want to be more intentional about sharing my adventures on the road with my quilting buddies. That's right, some of you are going to get your picture taken and you'll just have to deal with it!!!

* SHOW AND TELL with prizes! That's right, I've already told many of you but in case you missed it...if you make a completed quilt from one of my patterns that you purchased, and let me show photos of it on this blog (I would especially love to share your comments as well) your prize will be a pattern of your choice from my shop. I'll even pay shipping! How fun is that?

Okay, those are my ideas for starters. Please feel free to share any ideas you think might be fun for 2013.
Seriously, I want to hear it...I might not do it, but I would love to hear it!  :)

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