Saturday, October 20, 2012

Decisions, Decisions

I'm enjoying the process of machine quilting. I really like it, actually. I like "drawing with thread" and filling in the spaces. I typically think about lots of options for designs before I start. I even sketch some out in a notebook with pencil. But I am really never committed to a certain design until I start.

Ususally, I will do the "grid work" first. This means I do the straight stitching, in the ditch, with the walking foot between the blocks and borders. I find this stabilizes the quilt, and allows me to remove some pins. Removing the pins is not only convenient for stitching, but it reduces the weight of the quilt slightly, and reduces the "catching" on each other a bit.

After the grid work is complete, I choose one section to start on. This time it was the inner border, for two reasons: it needed red thread instead of brown that I will use on the rest of the quilt, and I had a fun idea I wanted to try. I much prefer freehand free-motion quilting to any other style. I like how it is organic and has variations but how well it flows. Don't get me wrong, I have a great deal of respect for perfect feather wreaths and garland borders, but I might have a nervous breakdown if I tried to do that. My style is much more fun and flexible, in my opinion. In other word, it works for me. :)

I finished the inner borders fairly quickly and then did the cross hatching on the middle borders. Fun but it took lots of concentration to keep those lines from curving! I needed a break after that, okay a glass of wine actually, but how many details do you really need?

After that I decided to use a small/medium stipple to fill in the setting triangles. I don't think they need to be the same as the blocks or the alternate blocks, or the borders. Since I love to stipple I just went to town. It was fun and I did them all in one sitting. Then I took another break. This one involved chocolate, okay?

Now I need to make a decision about the borders and the blocks. I know that I will finish the alternate blocks with stippling, because the fabric is busy enough that I think any other design would get lost, and because it's fun. The blocks and the borders have me stumped though. I am seriously considering "writing" a verse along the borders, but will it even show up? And the blocks, I just have no idea what thread to use or design to use.

Suggestions are welcomed and appreciated!
Thanks, and have a great weekend!


  1., chocolate and quilting. Sounds good to me! Could a simple leaf design (or 2-3 different ones) be used on the blocks. That might tie in with the "Fall" theme?

    1. Oh,that sounds like a good idea! Might have to think about leaves. Thanks so much!


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