Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Slow but steady. Ever feel like the turtle trying to win the race. Honestly, just finishing is winning in my book! But this quilt is making me feel a bit like a turtle.

I was going to quilt it on Monday, but found I didn't have enough batting left on the roll. Off to search for sales and coupons. Then I had to read the last 150 pages of the book club book for the meeting that night! It was very good.

Tuesday, I was going to go to the store, buy the batting, and get going! My sweet friend Stacey called and asked me to go to the mall, so that happened. We had a really good time and did stop to get the batting on the way home. It was on a great sale, I should have bought the whole bolt.

So last night, I finally pin basted this quilt. Maybe I'll start quilting it today. I only have this morning though because it is half day school followed by conferences because it's the end of the first quarter. So if this turtle doesn't get quilting, it may never get finished.

I must say, I am enjoying the journey. Hope you find time to stitch today!

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