Monday, October 22, 2012

Quilt Show Fun!

Most of Friday and Saturday I could be found here!
The quilts were wonderful and the vendors were great too!
I am so happy to have this show to attend now since a certain show in Knoxville is no longer, and besides the craziness called Paducah (which is more than 5 hours away) there are NO national quilt shows in the southeast. NONE. Sniff.

While this show was smaller, I thought it was the perfect size! The quilts were outstanding and the special exhibits were so interesting. Also, it was fun to meet some of the other local guilds that were represented in booths. Some stunning raffle quilts now have my name in the pot...wish me luck!

But you really just want to see the quilts don't you? Of course.
This was my favorite of the show. The tiny red circles were all perfect and the hand quilting was so incredible. And don't you just love her first name?

Another awe inspiring quilt was this one. Look at the detail!!!

And of course the horse made me think of my girl...
look at the thread work!

The colors and fabric in this quilt just made me smile.

There were many more stunners but I thought these were pretty special.
The quality of the workmanship was truly incredible. Do I keep saying that?
Well, it's true.
What a lovely show, and it was really fun to see it with my friends Kathy, Darlene, and Patsy. I was even able to keep up most of the time in my walking boot. I can't wait to get this stupid thing off and be able to wear two normal shoes again!

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  1. LOVE if Wishes were Horses!!! Incredible quilt all the way around - why isn't there a ribbon on it??? Amazing!


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