Thursday, October 25, 2012

When Fall Leaves...

is finished just in time for the season! I had so much fun photographing it outside with the fall foliage as a backdrop. I had lots of decisions to make on this quilt as far as the quilting was concerned. My friend from Australia suggested leaves, and so I put those in the blocks.

I put some swirls and crosshatching in the borders.

And I put some small meandering or stippling in the background since the fabric was too busy to show the design much. I also just happen to love stippling, so that's a good reason too.

I am so delighted with the result. I wish I could show you the whole thing but it's...


Not to worry, I will share all the details just as soon as I can!


  1. It's beautiful from what we can see! Love your old fashioned looking fabrics.

  2. The sneak peek looks terrific - can't wait to see the whole thing! So... what is next on the cutting board? I find your quilts to be so inspirational.


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