Saturday, November 24, 2012

Decking the Halls...

I noticed on Facebook that someone asked...How many quilts do you use when decorating for the holidays? Seriously? Could we just make a guess? I decided to try and count...

There's the tree skirt that I made many years ago...

There's the wall hanging from my friend Mary Ruth, and a table topper from long, long ago...

There's the quilted Santa, that my kids laugh at because he's sitting in the "time out" chair.

And there is the North Pole Village quilt that I made from the Piece O' Cake pattern.
I customized it so that every house or shop is named for a person in our family based on something they love. There is Bill's Ski Shop, Kelly's Doll Shop, David's Marbles and Toys, Danny's Trucks and Cars, Mimi's Bakery Cafe, and of course, Diane's quilt shop. I even put a Santa's Sleigh Wash because at the time I made this quilt my boys were three years old and in the midst of potty training. A daily trip to the car wash was the best bribery for an "accident free" day. Hey, whatever works, right?

And then there's the cuddle quilt for keeping warm.

I didn't get a chance to photograph the others but they include: 5 bed quilts, 1 table topper, and 1 lap quilt.
How many is that now? I've lost count. 13?

Oh, and do these count? I have 17 Jim Shore santas on the mantle...all with some quilting patterns or designs on them. And then there are the quilted ornaments on tree...
This might be getting out of hand.

I hope you have some special holiday quilts that make you happy!

Enjoy every stitch!


  1. Oh my. I am totally jealous of your Jim Shore Santas! Very sweet. And I love your village quilt too. Sounds like it has a lot of great memories stitched into it.:)

    1. I've bought a Santa every year (usually on sale in January) for many years and been lucky enough to get quite a few as gifts. The quilt does have lots of memories and the kids have fun with it but I think I need to update it or make a new version. Maybe next year?


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