Friday, November 30, 2012

Memory Lane

A couple of months ago, Lori over at Humble Quilts (I've had a quilt crush on her for a long time!) started a challenge called Mountain Trail. You can see her quilt and all of the others here. I loved her little quilt. I also have been thinking of making Bonnie Hunter's Texas Braid quilt from her book Leaders and Enders. Notice a similarity? Okay, they both have red squares running through them. One is a log cabin block and one is a braid. Dark strips, light strips. That's where my brain was. I wanted a KING size quilt for my bed.

In my crazy brain somewhere, I thought that if I turned the strips on the log cabin blocks, maybe it would mimic the braid. Okay, squint your eyes and concentrate really do you see it? Nevermind. Some things only happen in my mind, I understand.

So I pulled out a piece of red fabric and my scrap bin, and started cutting and sewing. I have no idea if my strips or blocks are the same size as the mountain trails, or the texas braid. I just know that when the blocks got to be 5" I liked them. And so I made more...

and a few more...

And I'm still making them. I know I should probably call this quilt Mountain Braid or Texas Trail, but I'm calling it Memory Lane. I keep thinking back to all of the other quilts that these fabrics were in and it makes me happy. I like the memories that it brings back when I handle the fabrics.

I made 20 more blocks yesterday, but if it's going to get large enough for my bed I better get back to sewing!

Thanks Lori and Bonnie! You are both such wonderful inspirations!!

Enjoy every stitch!


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