Wednesday, November 21, 2012


So thankful to be sleeping under this warm quilt currently. I made this quilt in 2010 from the pattern called Hallowe'en 1904 by Blackbird Designs. I hope they don't mind that I made a few changes. First, I bought the kit and pattern at Little Quilts which is an amazing quilt shop only about an hour from my house.

This quilt was originally a queen size and I wanted it to fit my king size bed. So I added sashing between the blocks, and a wider border. I also changed up the pumpkin blocks a little bit and used five of them (because there are five of us) and left off some of the other applique. I wanted more of an autumn quilt that I could leave on the bed past Halloween.

I machine quilted it on my now deceased Bernina 440QE. I machine quilt everything on my home machine for a few reasons: I can't afford a long arm service, I like to machine quilt, and it makes me feel like I did it all by myself!

I quilted it block by block and it went really well for the most part. I prefer free motion quilting, but I also like the look of outlining and adding ribs to the pumpkins and stems to the leaves.

The applique was all done by hand, using needle turn and freezer paper. I also used bias strips for the stems. I machine pieced the blocks and the borders.

The backing is the wonderful star print by Jo Morton(?) I'm so sorry I am not sure about that any more, but it has been two years.


  1. Wonderful quilt! Very warm and cozy colors. I really like how the sashing sets the blocks apart and emphasizes the triangles on the blocks.

    1. Thank you! I really like how it keeps me toasty warm!

  2. Time to get this one out again now that Fall is right around the corner. :) It's wonderful!

  3. Oh, I have seen this pattern twice now and am still drawn to make it. It will have to go on my to do list...and that includes finding the pattern which I understand is out of print.

  4. Such a gorgeous quilt! The fabrics are beautiful as well. What a great pattern.


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