Tuesday, December 18, 2012

10 Minute Tip

Okay fellow quilters...time for another time saving tip!

When you are contemplating a project, or feeling undecided about what to do, here's my suggestion...cut some selvages off your fabrics! I did this last summer, one bin at a time. I pulled all the fabrics out of a bin, pressed them, trimmed the selvage off, and refolded them. I ended up with enough selvage to make an entire quilt (see photo behind the title of the blog!)

Not only will your fabric get organized, and your selvage can all go in one basket or bin, but you will find fabrics that you forgot you had! It will be like Christmas all over again! It was like that for me anyway.

If you are new to selvage quilting, be sure to cut at least one half inch of printed fabric with your selvage. I vary the widths of my selvages because I think it's more interesting, but cutting any amount from one-half inch beyond the selvage to an inch and a half is good. It gives you enough to work with. If you never plan to use those selvages, send them to me! Or give them to a friend, or just bring them to a quilt meeting and someone is bound to want them! You will get organized and save space, and you will become someone's new favorite person...it's a win/win!

Enjoy every stitch!

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  1. You know, I never would've thought to use the selvage on my fabric. That is a very interesting idea. I might incorporate it into a tiny scraps quilt idea I want to start soon to use up my little pieces that are just "too big" to throw away. :-) Thanks!


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