Monday, December 31, 2012

Looking back at 2012

I am a bit hesitant to take a look back at this past year as it was not filled entirely with joy. 2012 presented quite a few challenges and trials, but it also had it good moments and accomplishments as well. For now, let's just review the quilting goodness that happened in 2012 shall we?

I started the new year with a new machine because my husband spoils me beyond my wildest dreams (and our household budget!) But it has been a year of falling in love with this machine and being so happy every time I stitch with it!!

At a guild retreat in January, I put together this quilt top for our raffle quilt. My sweet friends Sharard and Marie are doing a lovely job modeling it, aren't they?

At the same retreat, I also pieced these tops from the donation blocks for charity.

I made a schlep bag and painted fabrics in workshops offered by my guilds.

I taught a workshop as well!

I made a custom quilt for a relative that she was giving as a wedding gift.

I put this quilt in the local show...

and this one...

and these two.

Then I started this crazy quilt journey!

And in May I began photographing my quilts to start my very own little business.
At the end of May, was born!

Since then, I've had three quilts accepted for publication in national magazines.
I've had a quilt published in a book. I vended at my first quilt show.
I even designed and manufactured my first template!

I've participated in a fun quilt a long on line with friends. And I've started yet another one.

And currently, I'm working on this one. It's going to be king size and since those red squares finish at 1"...
It could be a while before this one is done.

Tomorrow I will share the list of "Looking Forward" quilt projects.

Enjoy every stitch!

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  1. So much accomplished in one year! Congrats for all your determination that paid off.:) Happy quilting in the new year!


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