Monday, December 17, 2012

Monday, Monday

Like all of you, my heart has been breaking over and over all weekend long. I find it's best for me to avoid the news after a while, as it just gets too difficult to hear. The photos of those sweet faces and the stories of those heroes who loved them so much just make me weep with sadness, anger and frustration. I know I have been hugging my kids extra tight since friday.  

There doesn't seem to be enough chocolate or coffee to help ease the hurt. I have given it my best effort though!

And we really enjoyed these delicious treats delivered by a neighbor Friday morning.

And honestly, having a sweet, crazy, playful kitty in the house brings a smile no matter what. She is so delightful with her activities and antics that we can't help but giggle.

Today also happens to be the day my dad passed away one year ago. (Gulp.)  I still can't even talk about that loss and I'm pretty sure there are no words to describe it anyway.

Stitching always soothes my soul. Once the sun comes out, I'll get some photos of a few things I've been working on. I hope you are finding some comfort in your stitching as well.
Hugs, Diane


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