Tuesday, January 15, 2013

10 Minute Tip

(Luna loves to read magazines too!)

This week's tip is one that might seem like a no-brainer. But it's one that I am so glad I've thought of each time! Read a quilt magazine or book. What? You do that anyway? Really? Really! What I actually mean by this is to plan ahead to have one available. I always keep a couple in my car for carpool line, waiting at the barn, or just to be able to grab when I go into an appointment for which I know I will have to wait.

I actually "pre-posted" this tip. I spent 8 hours on a plane last night. I am now in Brussels with my husband for a few days. What did I do on the long flight? Besides watch a couple of movies, sleep and eat, I brought 3 quilt magazines along for the ride! I also brought my small journal for making notes and drawing sketches. Sometimes, a color combination, a block, or a quilt setting will really appeal to me, but not in the way it's used in the book or magazine, so having a journal to make notes will help remind me later what I wanted to remember.

So go stuff a couple magazines in your car, tote bag, or purse, and enjoy them the next time you have a few "found" moments. As for me, I'll be eating chocolate and waffles, and watching the snow fall. Don't worry, I have the fabric shops all programmed into my phone!

Enjoy every stitch!


  1. Oh wow! You're so close right now!! Brussels is about a 3 hour drive from where I live... To bad I didn't know this sooner, we could have made an appointment in a nice quiltshop maybe....
    It's snowing like crazy here, don't know how it's in Begium?? Have a wonderful time and don;t forget to bring lots of chocolats home with you. Belgium chocolate is the best!!! Have fun

    1. Thanks Bianca! We had a wonderful visit, but it was quick! I had no idea we were so close, that would have been fun, but it may have been tricky, as the weather was so cold and lots of snow! It was beautiful, I am so thankful for my two days there. Maybe next time!

    2. Well, now you know for a next time. I'm just an hours drive away from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport... If you even want a guided tour through our gorgeous little land, let me know!! Soooo much to see and the distances are small.
      (if my hubby had such a job, I would travel all over the world!!! "Just did some shopping in Dubai and tomorrow gonna skidive from the Eifeltower...." ;-) )


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