Monday, January 14, 2013

A Mini Show!

One of my guilds has a wonderful tradition of featuring a member once a year. We call it a "member spotlight" and it's a mystery to the rest of us. Usually in January, we are told who the presenter is once we arrive. We are then treated to a dozen or more quilts and the stories that go with them. I'll admit that this is one of my favorite programs all year. I just love getting to look at the older quilts, sometimes "first" quilts, and especially the quilts "handed down" in the family. If your local guild does not do this, I HIGHLY recommend it! It can be intimidating to be the presenter, but just think of it as "sharing" your quilting journey. It's not about perfect stitches, or heirloom quilts, it's about sharing the LOVE of quilting. I know I always come away INSPIRED.

This month we were lucky enough to have quilts shared by Ann Quandee. I did not take photos of every, or even most of the quilts, I was too busy enjoying them. I did take a few "detail" shots and some close ups. Ann graciously gave me permission to share them with you. So here a few glimpses into her collection.

She is a truly gifted quilter, and her journey took us from the beginnings, through her Baltimore phase, then onto her pictorial quilts. Some of the quilts were based on photos taken by her husband. Each and every one was special in it's own way. Thanks for sharing Ann!

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  1. Wonderful idea to present quilts from the beginning through to current quilts! She is obviously a very gifted quilter. Thanks for sharing.


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