Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Good News!

I'll be back to blogging very soon! I think I am slowly learning how to cope use Windows 8 on my new laptop. I've been busy learning what doesn't work at least!

I've also finished quilting the Farmer's Pilot's wife quilt and will take photos as soon as it is bound.


I had a super fun time today visiting the Chamblee Star Quilt Guild. They we so very nice to me and let me talk about my quilts, and show them, and talk some more... I did have good GPS too, my friend Kathy rode with me and she knew all the tricks for avoiding traffic. She was awesome, I would have never found the way without her!

Tomorrow I am going on a road trip with Mary Ruth to visit some quilt shops on the east end of the city. It's official guild business, we are dropping off some quilt show publicity packets. You know, a service for our fellow quilters...if some fabric happens to come home with us, well, that's just a bonus. :) Isn't our guild lucky to have such dedicated volunteers?

So hopefully I will be back with photos and more stories on Friday!

Enjoy every stitch!


  1. My husband just recently got the windows 8 and he loves it! Don't have too much fun at the quilt stores.) hehe

    1. I think I will like it once I learn it, but there is a huge learning curve! It's just SO different. I loved my ancient laptop and was very happy with it for many years, so when it started dying I was not ready to part with it. Sigh. Don't worry about the self control at the quilt little bundle of cash is my limit, so we won't get too wild. I still plan to have LOTS of fun though!


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