Friday, January 11, 2013

Rain, rain, rain!

I have so many photos I want to take so I can share the progress I have made this week, but the sun has yet to come out! It's warmer today, but still raining. Just a misting rain, like yesterday, but no sun at all.  So I apologize for the lousy photos!

I finished quilting the Farmer's Ex Wife who became the Pilot's Wife quilt. I'm going to Thread Bear today with a friend to choose some binding fabric for it.

I also finished all the sock blocks that will be traded next week.

And I finished the next two sets of bear paw blocks that will be traded at guild.

I was able to pick up a couple of batiks for the inner border of my twister quilt at a shop out in Covington.

I also picked up a few really good things at Sweet Home. It was so nice to see Melisa.

And we even had a pattern sighting!! Mary Ruth took a picture of me with it. She did a good job getting all my chins in the

Our little day trip yesterday was super fun, but driving, shopping, eating, and talking the whole way can wear a girl out! I had to take a nap when I got home!


  1. That is so sweet, taking a pic of you with your patterns that are hanging in the shop! Looks like you are making all kinds of progress this week. Congrats on finishing up the quilting on the Pilots Wife!

    1. Thanks! We had fun, and I bought the binding for the Pilot's wife today, so hopefully that will get stitched down this weekend!


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