Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Pilot's Wife

This quilt is finally finished! I am so happy to have it DONE!!! It already has a sleeve and label and is ready for the quilt show in March.

It started out as my version of The Farmer's Wife quilt. I bought the book, and upon realizing there were no actual directions in the book, just diagrams CLEARLY not written by a quilter, I joined the online group being led by Randy. She was so helpful and posted step by step photos to help us on our journey. She then received a (less than pleasant) email from the author of the book telling her to stop her quilt-a-long or else...   Really? 

So in a very classy fashion, Randy continued on using different blocks, with wonderful directions and photos and we proceeded merrily on our way making blocks. At some point in this adventure, I decided to make quite a few variations of my own. Since less than a third of the blocks are from the actual book, I changed the name. I was going to call it the Ex-Wife quilt as many others are doing, but I chose The Pilot's Wife instead, since most of the blocks are mine, and I am married to a pilot.

It may be a long, sad, sad story, but it has a happy ending after all. Mostly, I'm just ready to move on to the next quilt.

Enjoy every stitch!


  1. Wow, beautiful quilt!! Love the colours; I'm a 'red-lover'...
    I'm doing a simular thing. In stead of the 'Nearley Insane' quilt, I selected 100 blocks which I love and am calling the quilt "Road to Insanity". It's even more your own this way, don't you think?
    How did you quilt it?? all in the ditch? Positif you'll get a lot of admiring comments!!

    1. HI Bianca! I also bought the Nearly Insane book last month and have been considering what approach to take. I love your idea!

      On this quilt, I machine quilted the blocks in the ditch, or on a grid, and I used a small stipple in the red background areas, and a small freehand loopy pattern in the tan areas. I didn't want it quilted too heavily as I may use it on a bed, and didn't want it to get too stiff. Now that it's washed and wrinkled up, I really like it.

  2. Such an interesting story! Glad you were able to stick with the quilt making as it's a wonderful quilt.:)

    1. It was kind of a crazy journey, but I am happy with the final results...even if it looks NOTHING like what I originally intended. haha


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