Monday, February 4, 2013

Book Review


I love reading. Historical fiction is my favorite. Is there anything better than being transported to another time and place and peeking into the lives of those who might have lived so long ago? Friday night Bill built a fire and I snuggled under a quilt and read this book...

The Last Runaway by Tracy Chevalier

I've read several of her books before and thought I would try this one. I knew it was about the underground railroad, but had no idea that quilts and quilting were such a large part of the story. She gets it right for the most part, from a quilter's perspective. Historically, I am not sure, but the resources show that she did quite a bit of research.

I would highly recommend this book because the characters are interesting, the story line is intriguing, and the writing flows very nicely. If there was any complaint at all, it is that there may be a bit too much of the quilting discussed. Even so, it is a very good read. Let me know what you think if you read it!

Enjoy every stitch!


  1. Thanks...this looks good, just placed a hold on it at my library...I'm number 62 so I'm guessing some others think it's good as well!

  2. Thanks, I requested it, too! My brain is about fried from reading civil war nonfiction, this sounds perfect!


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