Monday, February 18, 2013

Hello Monday!

The kids had Friday and today off school, so we've been having fun. But I have done a little bit of quilting in between our adventures...

I finished binding this quilt...

I played with my random sampler blocks...

I made a few more of these...

I started playing with these...

And I made my first block for a new exchange...

We also got the closets cleaned out, organized all the kitchen cabinets, did our weekly chores, a whole car load of clothes and kitchen stuff taken to goodwill, and six loads of laundry done. But who wants to talk about that?

Hope you had a chance to quilt something too.

Enjoy every stitch!


  1. love the new nine patch quilt, beautiful! love the socks so fun! I have a quilt in my head I want to do something like friend has made me wooden stockings for christmas each year for years I want to trace them and make a quilt one day

    1. Thank you! The socks were a fun exchange between six of us, we had a good time making and swapping them. Your idea for a stocking quilt sounds really fun too. Thanks for visiting!

  2. great projects! I love the stockings, they are such fun.
    Your red & white quilt is wonderful!
    what fun projects you have going on~

    1. Thanks! I feel a bit scattered at the moment, can't seem to stick with one thing. Luckily, there are no limits on how many projects one can have going on at one time. :)

  3. Diane, I LOVE what you're doing with the random sampler tree block! Wonderful borders for that!


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