Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Looking Back...

I love to make lists. I even have a whole notebook just for lists. A couple of years ago, I participated in an online group called "52 Lists" and we were given a topic each week. I found this list recently on my iPad. Some weeks the topic didn't apply to me so I made up my own. This is a list I wrote after coming home from a retreat. I thought fellow quilters might appreciate a few of the items I included. It made me smile.

Can you guess what might have happened on this retreat?

How to pack for a quilt retreat:

Sewing machine, all of its parts and instruction manual
Hand work for when the sewing machine malfunctions
Chocolate, to make you feel better after machine malfunction
Fabric, four times more than you need, because you will need it!
Books and magazines to relax with while you chat with friends
Loose pants because you will eat too much
Sneakers for nice long walks
Snuggly pillow and quilt to make your bed feel like home
Good friends, ones that like to laugh and quilt as much as you do
A camera to take photo evidence of the events and prove that some sewing did occur!
Slippers for sewing in because they are better than sneakers on the foot pedal
A seam ripper, don't ask, just trust me on this one!
And most importantly, your cellphone so the kids can text you 20 times a day!

Enjoy every stitch!


  1. Hello! Your post made me smile, because it is so right! I don't know if texting is worth the aggravation sometimes. I found your blog through Bianca's blog, so I look forward to reading your past posts.

    1. Welcome! Thanks for leaving a note. I had a feeling other quilters might relate to this list!


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