Monday, February 25, 2013

Machine Quilting

I love machine quilting. I don't try to follow a pattern or markings because that is just super frustrating for me. I do however love to "doodle" and draw freehand just filling in the spaces as I go. That's how my brain/hands work together. I know it's not the best method for everyone, but I find it hugely entertaining and enjoyable.

So I started quilting this quilt this weekend. Even though it is a KING size, I can manage it with my Janome Horizon without much difficulty at all. I had never really gotten brave enough to try this is my first attempt. I am using the light/dark  areas as my "channels" and I outilined all the red squares first to provide stabilization.

So far, so fun! Only, I ran out of the bobbin color and the red over the weekend. Grrrrrrr... So I am off to pick up more spools of thread and get back to work!

Oh, and this little kitty thought she would be helpful, only her idea of helpful is NOT my idea of helpful. But it is nice to have the company.

Enjoy every stitch!


  1. I sure do love the quilt on your machine! The kitty is very cute too!

  2. Wonderful picture of your quilt with the machine! You are so brave to do feathers! Machine quilting totally intimidates me.:)

  3. I have a quilting frame that I have yet to put together. No space. Janome sewing machine. I like how you have done the feathers.

    1. Thanks! Now that I've gotten more thread I'm making great progress!

  4. Just "noodling" around on the www. Can't seem to get in gear to do anything useful. :-)


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