Tuesday, March 26, 2013

10 Minute Tip

This week's tip is about staying organized! I always keep a work basket right next to my sewing machine. This basket contains the essentials. (Note: you may require different essentials than I do, adjust accordingly.) In this basket I always have tissues (it is allergy season after all) and a cup of tools that I most often use (ie: pencils, pens, chalk markers, seam ripper, snips, stiletto, nail file, skewer, tweezers, sharpie, etc.) and chocolate. Like I said, only the essentials that I require on a daily basis! It is so nice to just reach over and grab what's needed instead of having to shuffle through a drawer or bin looking for something.

Let me know if you think I am missing something! I would love to hear any suggestions you may have.

Enjoy every stitch!


  1. great tip I am working on making my sewing room much more organized now too. Big thing for me I really find myself sewing more when everything is neat and tidy
    I have a coffee cup next to my machine with things like this in there
    one thing I could not live without is my purple thang though! its just handy for many things!

  2. I have a similar set up - all the essentials right at hand.
    The only other important tool I have is the TV remote, lol for buzzing through commercials.

  3. I love seeing that I am not the only one that needs a box of tissues handy! my allergy season is year round so it is there all the time

  4. I have lip gloss and hand cream also, I like the tape measure on the basket. Sally from oregon

  5. I have a drawer that holds misc. odds and ends, but that looks super handy.:)

  6. What a cute idea. I have seen a lot of baskets at yard sales,I think I'll pick up a few next time.

  7. I have a coffee cup with a cover on it that has pockets inside and out. And yes don't forget the chap stick!

    I SOOOOO want your basket though! I love it!


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