Friday, March 1, 2013

A fabric filled day!

My friend Mary Ruth and I went on a little quilt shop hop of our own. I love any excuse to go to Sweet Home Quilt Co. and yesterday was no exception. I adore everything about that shop. But I managed to come home only with a few fabrics that I needed for this quilt...

And then we stopped by Intown Quilters because it was on the way home. I found some wonderful rick racks in a amazing colors and I bought this book at half price! Wow!

Then we had lunch and planned another quilt party on the ride home. Oh it was a good day!

And to top it off I went to sit and stitch time at Thread Bear Fabrics last night! I made a test block for the Nearly Insane quilt, and I love it!

I hope you had a quilt and fabric filled week too!

Enjoy every stitch!

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