Monday, March 25, 2013

Quilt of Valor Pattern

My heart has been so full of gratitude recently with my new sewing space that I really wanted to "pay it forward" with an act of kindness. Ever feel so completely blessed that you just have to share a good deed with someone so you don't pop? Well, that's how I've been feeling lately.

I have not made a quilt of valor in almost two years. My last quilt of valor can been seen HERE. It was a wonderful experience and I knew once it was complete that I would make another. I have worked on quite a few "group effort" quilts for this amazing organization, but it was time to make another on my own.

I immediately think "masculine" when I start on a project like this. After all, a big, tough soldier doesn't want to wake up under a flowery quilt! I try to use only geometric and graphic prints in the fabrics and strong bold lines in the shapes. I want something that will launder well and stand up under hopefully lots of use for a very long time.
(four blocks shown here)

This pattern is one I made up myself (math wise, anyway, obviously I did NOT invent the fence rail block!) I chose 9" blocks because I could set them 7 x 9 and create a quilt that meets the guidelines required by Quilts of Valor.

Quilt of Valor- Patriotic Fence Rail:
( 9" blocks)  63 blocks set 7 x 9 
Finished quilt will be 63" x 81"
Binding: 8 yards required
Batting: twin or 71" x 89"
Backing: 5 yards required (darker colors requested)
Assorted reds: 2 yards
Assorted tans/bieges/golds: 2 yards
Assorted blues: 2 yards

Cut 126- 2" x 9.5" strips from each of the color sets.

To make each block, I simply used 6 strips (2" x 9.5") and sewed them together lengthwise. I sewed them in red, tan, blue, red, tan, blue order. When setting them together I always placed the red strip on the top or on the left of the block for symmetry. I think a random placement would also look nice.

I pressed all the seems in the direction toward the side of the block that had the blue strip.

The Quilts of Valor organization has designated long arm quilters, or you can quilt it yourself. Please refer to the specific requirements outlined on the website.

I hope that whomever receives this quilt knows how much love and gratitude is in every stitch!



  1. Thank you for this pattern a beginner can do!

  2. How many jelly roll strips would this quilt require?


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