Monday, March 18, 2013

Shop Hop

This weekend was the greater Atlanta shop hop. I did not get to hop because I had other things going on (all the details with photos later in the week!) but I did get to have my quilts featured at two of the local shops. How cool is that? I still can't believe it!

Sweet Home Quilt Co. in Conyers has carried my patterns in the past, and even featured my quilts. The owner Melisa is one of the nicest people you ever want to meet (and I'm not just saying that because she has been a huge supporter of mine...I thought she was wonderful way before I started a little business!) The theme of her shop was "Black & White, and red all over" so she displayed my Dreaming in Black & White quilt with the pattern...

 as well as the red and white sample I made of the same pattern...

She also sells my Tiny Tumbler patterns and displayed the table runner.

How fun is that display with the antique machine? Really, her shop is so cute, I could just move right in!   **Special thanks to my friend Martha for taking the photos above and sending them to me!**

And Little Quilts in Marietta, had both my tiny tumblers patterns as well as all the samples. I did get to visit them quickly on Friday.
It is so surreal for me to walk into my favorite shops and see my quilts. I wonder if the thrill ever wears off? I sure hope not!

Enjoy Every Stitch!

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  1. Very exciting for you! Hope you had some good sales.:)


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