Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Big Reveal...

of my new quilt studio! I haven't mentioned the construction/progress of the new sewing room here because frankly, it was a huge surprise to me! My husband finally got tired of hearing me "threaten" to confiscate the kids' playroom and switch my sewing room with it. Our basement is finished and the smallest room was my sewing room. We have a home theater in the room without windows, and the largest room is the kids playroom for watching tv, hanging out, and sleepovers (with a ping pong table!) My sewing room was 11' x 12'. It had a window, but it was crammed full!

SO one day, just two weeks ago, my husband announced that the only room in the basement that was unfinished was going to be my new quilting room. Huh? He hired someone to drywall, and lay the floor, then he did the rest. I painted (it was the least I could do!) and 10 days after construction began, it was finished! There are a few details still needed, but its mostly done!

Is the suspense killing you? Okay, here are the photos!

As you walk into the room...
The cutting table in the center is just four storage bin drawer sets (from the container store) in which I store most of my fabric, some batting, and a few other supplies. The top is pressboard cut to size, that I covered with batting and fabric. This table is 46" x 42". The sides are simply pieces of insulation board that I covered with fabric by using straight pins. I might want to use that fabric in a quilt, and I can just unpin it and replace it with something else! The "gap" between the sets of shelves contains extra cutting boards, my extension table, large quilting hoop, and some larger rulers.

Also notice the stacks of quilts on the floor. I need to buy a few more storage bins so those can go in the closet.

The design wall (8 ft. wide!)
I took step by step photos of this, so I will post a tutorial tomorrow.

The closet hidden by quilts. My extra 8 ft. tables for basting are in this closet and I was worried a door would make it harder to move things in and out. This way I can change the quilts depending on my mood!

A chair from my parents home that was blue velour when I was a child! I obviously recovered it. The dogs now think it is very comfy. But the straight back is good for hand sewing yet still very comfortable.

My business supplies. It's nice to have mailing supplies and extras all in one place. Bill installed the tv just like it had been in the other room. I like to have it on, but don't want it in the way, so this works well.

My sewing desk. This is the same as it was in the other room, but I now have room for a friend to sew with me! The cubbies in the corner were left over from our home school days, I use those bins for things like selvages, cut strips, wool, etc. The quilt above it hides the fuse box panel!

And a place for the doggies of course! This was their room to begin with, but they don't seem to mind sharing it with me. They actually love the company! They were always with me in the other room anyway. They like to be near their human. Notice the one on the right gets fed inside his crate so his sister doesn't eat his food too. She's a piggy!
This room is 16' x 22' plus a closet, so I have twice the room I did before. I know I am so spoiled, but I just love it so much that I had to share! I had everything already, so we only needed to buy the floor and sheetrock. The floor is laminate, because I wanted it to be dog friendly. We got a great deal on a closeout, and I happen to love the look! The wall color is Swiss Coffee by Behr, a color we had used in our first house, it's a soft white. I also got three full size fluorescent lights in the ceiling! I can quilt at midnight and have plenty of light!

My husband is the reason behind this. He is so proud of my quilts, and my work (I have two quilts published and 4 more scheduled to be published in the next year! Not to mention my little pattern business that is hopping!) He is such a big supporter of my quilting passion and just wanted me to have more room, so he asked me about every decision, to make sure this room was "made to order".

I am so thankful for him, and my new room. I am one lucky girl!


  1. Lucky you to get a new twice as big sewing room. Do you think you will be able to keep it so clean and neat looking?

  2. Lucky you indeed.
    what a nice space. I love how you have the TV mounted, very clever. I also use my dog crate for quilt display and coco like the "cave" feel too.
    Thanks for the tour!

  3. Having a husband as your biggest fan is a wonderful thing, doesn't it?! I'm blessed with such a husband too.... Unfortunatly I'm not so blessed with such a house with that much room. OH. MY. GOODY!!! I'm sooooo jealous!!! but also very happy for you having such a great room to let those creative juices flow. You are a blessed woman indeed. ENJOY! (.. but I'll guess that's no problem now ;-)

  4. It looks wonderful! Plus, I love hearing about the supportive husbands out there. I expect lots of happy quilts to come!

  5. That is wonderful Diane! Love the tour of your new fab. creative space. I'm sure you will put it all to very good use!:)

  6. Whoa! Looks like you could practically LIVE in your new studio! Very, very nice - lots of great storage and organizing features. I'll bet you're lovin' it!

  7. Love it! Hope you gave that husband of yours a huge hug and a special dinner. Thanks for the many features that I wish I had room for. Enjoy your new work space.

  8. Congrats's wonderful!

  9. Hoiw wonderful. It looks fabulous.

  10. That is super great! What an extra nice thing for you husband to do for you. :-) Congratulations and happy quilting!! :-)

  11. This new space looks awesome. Looks lovely with all the quilts on display. I particularly like the red and tan starry one hanging over your machine area. The whole space looks very inviting. And Bill is one capable fella!

  12. wonderful space! jealous of the design wall...and love that you hid your closet with quilts. :)

  13. I spot a pillow of selvage I love, and those place for your doggies is so cozy!! I bet they are great companion when you are sewing!
    Amira @

  14. Wow, that design wall is perfect! It makes me think I should create one on my empty blank wall. Thank you for sharing your space with us on The Studio Spotlight Tour.

  15. What a great space! Love your cutting table. Thanks for sharing your space with us!

  16. Love all the holder for your quilts, a great room. I love the chair and everything else in there.

  17. What a fantastic space! I love the quilts for a closet door... Great idea! Thanks for sharing ooxx`jodi


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