Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A New Ironing Board Cover!

Have you seen this fabric? I am pretty sure it is some of my all time favorite. Would I put it in a quilt? Probably not...but you never know. I do have plans for making projects in the future, but yesterday I made this...

I needed a new ironing board cover, so I bought 1 and 3/4 yards of it HERE and brought it home. I had no clue what to do so I googled youtube videos and watched several. I decided to use these steps:

Ironing board cover:

1. Measure the longest length of your board and add 6 inches.
2. Buy a super cute piece of fabric that length.
3. Lay the fabric on the ironing board with the design/ direction you want for the final result.
4. Trim 3 to 4 inches beyond all the sides of the board, following the shape.
5. Take the fabric to the machine with a roll of string.
6. Fold a one inch hem along the edge and turn under a quarter inch seam allowance.
7. Sew along the edge of the hem with the string tucked inside, being careful not to stitch through the string.
8. Once you have completed the entire hem, leave a two inch opening for adjusting the string.
9. Place the cover on the board, and pull the string tight, and tie in a bow.
10. You now have a super cute, removable and washable cover.
11. Pat yourself on the back, and enjoy ironing!

How easy was that?
Enjoy every stitch!


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